Seminar guidelines

This page is destinated to speakers who participate to Horizons for Information Societies seminars. Please contact the organizer if you have any question.


Message to speakers

We are very thankful to you for participating to HIS seminars and for taking the time to read these guidelines.

To foster attendance to the seminar and dissemination of knowledge, we will send e-mails on the mailing-lists of the as well as to a few outsiders, and post snippets on and . Do not hesitate to forward the information about the seminar to potentially interested acquaintances.

Your talk

We describe below what is expected during your presentation, which should not require much extra preparation compared to a standard talk. Your presentation should last 30-40 minutes, followed by 15-25 minutes for questions. Please be careful to make it accessible to non-specialists so that everybody can enjoy your talk and learn something new.

Your talk should:

Before your talk, the staff will provide a fact sheet to the attendees. This document will contain the number and date of the seminar, the title and abstract of your talk, your name and contact information (usually e-mail address), and a link to your personal or research web page. If you agree, we will add a 3x3 cm photo (e.g. yourself or your prototype); please provide it as early as possible in JPG or PNG format. A blank space will be left for attendees to take notes.

After your talk, we will archive your presentation document (in PDF format) on this web site. Please accordingly maintain the size of your files manageable (e.g. within 5 Mb).