Thematic Overview

You will find below short descriptions of my professional experiences and education, as well as my academic activities and a list of the competitive funds I obtained.


Professional Experience

2006/10 - Current
Investigation of designs for ubiquitous systems to improve the general public's quality of life based on medical, psychological and social knowledge.
2005/07 - 2005/09
Evaluation of emotions with biosignals, and display to support communication.
2004/10 - 2006/10
Research assistant
Multi-cultural evaluation of cyberclothes' potential to support communication for face-to-face first contacts.
2002/03 - 2002/08
, (JP)
Design of a haptic framework dedicated to devices.
2001/02 - 2001/08
Realization of a prototype for online visualization of 3D geographic data.
2000/06 - 2000/09
Design of an information and learning system about nuclear power plants.



2003/04 - 2006/03 Doctorate in information science: 日常生活における基本欲求を満たすウェアラブル・コンピュータの特性、特に親和の欲求に関して (Satisfying Fundamental Needs in Everyday Life With Wearable Computers - The Case of Belonging Needs). (JP).
2001/09 - 2002/08 Master of management of virtual reality projects. (FR). [Ranked 1st]
2001/09 - 2002/08 Master of research in virtual reality and complex systems. (FR).
1997/09 - 2001/08 Master of software engineering. (FR).


2002/09 - 2003/03 Training in psychology: 1st year program. (FR).

Academic activities


2007/11/22 Session chair at 2nd International Conference on Convergence Information Technology.
2007/11/09 Session chair at 総研大ワークショップ第1回 (1st Sokendai Workshop).
Since 2006 Organizer of the .

Research Societies

Since 2006 Member of the .
Since 2003 Member of the .

Competitive funds


2005 - 2006 Scholarship from . .
2003 - 2004 . .