Current Projects

I currently carry out three projects related to the general public's quality of life worldwide: Fair Seed, Lifecharm and 家族支援 (i.e. "family support" in Japanese).


Fair Seed

Fair Seed is a long-term project that aims to provide a knowledge basis on human needs in ubiquitous computing for businessmen, designers and researchers eager to create ubiquitous systems useful and appropriate for the general public worldwide, based on medical and psycho-social research. This project was started in April 2003 to favor significant benefits of ubiquitous technologies for most individuals and societies, and led to the start of the 家族支援 (Family Support) project.

So far, the project has involved 6 experts, which led to 3 newspaper articles in France and Japan, to 4 seminars worldwide, to 1 scientific publication in a Japanese journal, to 10 talks at international conferences, and to 4 talks at Japanese conferences.

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Lifecharm is a medium-term project that aims to create personal wearable systems that help satisfy human needs for the general public in countries providing access to good networking and sensing infrastructures. This project was started in October 2007 to improve quality of life on an individual basis and foster the adoption of wearable technologies through the provision of diverse useful, usable, low cost, and environmentally benign systems.

So far, the project has involved 1 expert and led to the development of a software prototype (Alpha V0.01.1).

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家族支援 (Family Support)

家族支援 ("kazoku-shien" i.e. "family support" in Japanese) is a short-term project that aims to investigate the design of ubiquitous systems that support familial relationships within multi-generational families living apart on a regular basis. This project was started in October 2006 to validate and complement findings from the Fair Seed project, notably regarding age-related issues, while providing a useful system.

So far, the project has involved 4 experts, which led to 3 talks at international conferences.

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