8-10 February 2007: 札幌の雪祭 (Sapporo snow festival, Japan)

札幌の雪祭 is pronounced Sapporo no yuki-matsuri. This trip was my first time in 北海道 (Hokkaido), and I enjoyed the area and event as much as the people and weather (snow every day). I went to the city of 札幌 (Sapporo) to attend the annual 雪祭 (snow festival), and see the numerous ice and snow statues prepared for the event. Alone, I freely wandered in town the first day (8th of February), seeing the statues on day time and night time, and went up the nearby 藻岩山 (pronounced moiwa-san, Mount Moiwa) on the second day. The views from the top were beautiful but a bit foggy, and I found out a bar completely made of ice and snow: the bar The Ice. The third day I moved away from the city and took a bus to 豊平峡温泉 (pronounced Hoheikyo-onsen, Hoheikyo hot spring), where I relaxed in an open-air hot spring, surrounded by snowy mountains, with a view on trees and on small stalactites created by the hot vapors of the bath.

If you want more information about the area, please check the guide page for 札幌 (Sapporo).