March 2007: 富士五湖 (Fuji five lakes, Japan)

富士五湖 is pronounced Fuji go-ko. This was my second time in the 富士 (Fuji) area, and the weather was extraordinary. 明日香 (Asuka) and I first crawled into 鳴沢氷穴 (Narusawa cave) and 富岳風穴 (Fugaku cave) then hiked in 青木ヶ原樹海 (Sea of Trees). Surprisingly, we saw numerous monkeys in the mountains near 西湖 (lake Saiko); no photos of them: they stayed away and ran quickly. After an excellent dinner at the café M we spent a calm night at サニーデビレッジ (Sunnide village). The next day we walked around 河口湖 (lake Kawaguchi) and visited 浅間神社 (Sengen shrine) in 富士吉田 (Fuji-Yoshida).

If you want more information about the area, please check the guide page for 富士五湖 (Fuji five lakes).