Japan: Fuji-san (Mount Fuji)

富士山, pronounced Fuji-san (Mount Fuji), is the most famous place in Japan. It is culturally very important, seen on numerous art works, and evoked in numerous stories. Hikes there are quite popular, and easy enough for older people to enjoy it. People often try to see the sunrise from the top in summer.

Other places of interest in the area include 富士五湖 (Fuji five lakes).

The best access is by car

The best way to go to 富士山 (Mount Fuji) is by car.

Travel tips: Do not call the mountain Fuji-yama: this is an incorrect reading that spread abroad. If you ascend the mountain on night time, plan a headlight, hot drinks, and good clothes in case of rain and wind (in fact the top is always really cold). Try to arrive at the summit for sunrise. Staying a few hours at a shelter on the way is a good idea to get used to the local air, to rest, and to have hot drinks and food; it requires a reservation. Plan a first aid kit: rocks may fall.

Views are breathtaking

I went there in 2006

Please check the photos of my visits in July 2006 and August 2007. I also saw 富士山 (Mount Fuji) from a plane to South Korea in November 2006.