Japan: Izu peninsula

伊豆半島, pronounced Izu-hanto (Izu peninsula), is a peninsula quite close from 東京 (Tokyo). It is famous for its numerous resorts on the east coast and for its hot springs.

Both the city and surroundings are worthwhile

Access to 下田駅 (Shimoda station) is possible from 東京駅 (Tokyo station), the trip costs approximately ¥6160, and lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Travel tips: Instead of the overcrowded east coast, enjoy the beautiful and calm areas situated between 下田 (Shimoda) and 修繕時 (Shuzenji). In 堂ヶ島 (Dogashima), bath in the tiny 澤田公園露天風呂 (Sawada-koen open-air hot spring), and see the coast by boat; the end of winter is a good period to do this because tourists will be few.

The south and west are beautiful and calm

I went there in 2007

Please check the photos of my visit in January 2007.