Japan: Nikko

日光 (Nikko) is a famous touristic spot because of its temples, which veils the existence of other great nearby places such as 鬼怒川 (Kinugawa). 鬼怒川温泉 (Kinugawa-onsen) is notably great to enjoy 露天風呂 (open-air hot spring) in autumn, with a clear view on the mountains and on gold and crimson leaves of trees.

Trips by train are convenient but day trips are not recommended

The best way to travel from 東京 (Tokyo) to 日光 (Nikko) or 鬼怒川 (Kinugawa) is by train. The same line leads to both destinations; it just forks soon before arrival. Choose the right train accordingly.

Travel tips: Visit the area on a two- or three-days trip. A day trip is possible but you would not be able to really enjoy the temples and/or 温泉 (hot spring) in addition to the local scenery.

Kinugawa is astonishing

I went there in 2005

Please check the photos of my visit at 鬼怒川 (Kinugawa) in November 2005.