January 2007: 伊勢志摩 (Ise-shima, Japan)

伊勢志摩 (Ise-shima) region is close to 名古屋 (Nagoya) and is particularly famous for its vast shrine 伊勢神宮 (Ise-jingu). 明日香 (Asuka) and I went there to ask the 神道 (Shinto) gods for a good year. The area was very crowded, which is not surprising considering that many Japanese people do the same thing, and considering that it was national holidays. We enjoyed a walk in 二見 (Futami), breathing the invigorating air of the sea, and looking at the local shrine: 與玉神社 (Okitama shrine). One famous spot I like to see is 夫婦岩 (Wedded rocks), a pair of rocks connected by a holy rope.

If you want more information about the area, please check the guide page for 伊勢志摩 (Ise-shima).