Japan: Ise-shima

伊勢志摩 (Ise-shima) region is close to 名古屋 (Nagoya) and is particularly famous for its vast shrine 伊勢神宮 (Ise-jingu). Nearby, 二見 (Futami) is worth a visit; one famous spot there is 夫婦岩 (Wedded rocks).

Access from Tokyo city is easy

From 東京駅 (Tokyo station), one can take a 新幹線 (shinkansen, high speed train) for 名古屋 (Nagoya) the switch for local trains.

Travel tips: Avoid 伊勢 (Ise city) during national holidays, especially New Year, because it is likely to be very crowded. Visit 二見 (Futami) and have a look at 夫婦岩, pronounced Meoto-iwa (Wedded rocks), a pair of rocks connected by a holy rope.

The human elements of the landscape are intriguing

I went there in 2007

Please check the photos of my visit in January 2007.